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All About Terry.

A uniquely gifted mindset coach, Terry moves others toward a true “flow experience,” by helping to consciously raise their personal vibrational frequencies. These, often subtle, energy shifts promote health, vitality, and a greater sense of well-being. In addition, it can strengthen relationships and clarify communication with others, as well as re-igniting a powerful passion for life, new purpose, and higher productivity—opening the floodgates to personal fulfillment and prosperity.


It all started with horses.

Growing up on a ranch and surrounded by horses since she was very young, Terry’s innate love of nature and the world around her instinctively drew her to a career as an animal trainer in the Hollywood film industry, spending over 30 years working closely with wild, exotic animals — elephants, large cats, wolves, and birds of prey, as well as the more domesticated dogs, cats…even insects.


Today, Terry has united her two worlds, sharing insights and lessons learned from animals themselves.  With an understanding of their powerful gifts, she is able to release new skills in awareness, coherence, deep listening, and the universal language of frequency as they emanate from these unexpected life coaches. With an advanced certification as a Life Coach from The Academy of Coaching Excellence, she holds additional training certifications in multiple energetic healing modalities: Reiki, Shamanic Journeys, Yuen Chinese Energy Medicine, and the Masterson’s Method.


In her work, Terry seeks to support others in building their own awareness of the power of intention and the role that their thoughts and emotions play toward clear communication between both animals and humans…creating a new relationship of clarity, confidence, and mutual respect.

Who I Help

Anyone and everyone who is interested in understanding themselves and the world around them in their effort to grow spiritually and navigate a clear and more conscious path forward.

How We Do It

Emphasis on "we..." because it really is 'YOU" who must be willing to do the work. I'm the lucky one who gets to simply stand back and watch as you unfold.

What's in It for You

Change. Growth. Fulfillment. And genuine Happiness — All the things you've been searching for your entire life...but have somehow seemed to be just beyond your reach...until now.

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